Getting an OMD ready for Leica M Glass

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Re: Getting an OMD ready for Leica M Glass

esophoria wrote:

Aside from my new OMD, I have some Leica M glass which I use in my M9.  I decided to take advantage of being able to shoot with the Leica glass.  This necessitated getting an adapter for the OMD.

The local photography shop had a $79 (US) Chinese adapter.  After trying it in the store I noticed, the fit was far from perfect.  There was a bit of shake with the lens attached to the adapter in turn attached to the OMD.  Just didn't like the feel of Leica glass on the OMD.

I ordered and received a Novoflex adapter, $257 (US) and received it today.  The fit and finish is outstanding the the Leica glass now feels totally secure on the body of the OMD.  I've now expanded my set of lenses for the OMD.

I know most people say get the cheap ebay adapters, and I've had one and didn't like it for similar reasons. I've got the official Panasonic-Leica adapter and it feels much solid, well made and as if it is part  of the camera.

I'm surprised the Novoflex adapter is so much, I paid much less for the P-L adapter a couple of years back. Out of interest, does the Novoflex have an internal baffle? (it was mentioned as a feature on the  P-L)

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