Couple of D90 questions

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Re: Couple of D90 questions

Brev00 wrote:

I think if you get out of the landscape picture control, you will be much happier.  It is the darkest and most contrasty of the picture controls.  Plus, it will restrict your pp choices later on.  It is easier to add contrast and color than to take such things away.  I used to use vivid, but long ago decided on standard.  Since I shoot raw using Adobe and lose my picture control data, standard gives me a pretty good idea of what I will get later.  But, shooting raw gives one flexibility whether using Nikon or any other third party software; I can choose my picture control on the computer.  Since you are shooting jpeg, it is very important to make a good choice with your picture control and be open to changing it depending on your subject matter and the light at hand.  Even in Adobe, I most often select the Adobe Standard picture control and very rarely use landscape.  Neutral seems too washed out for me but I also like portrait--both in camera and Adobe.

You can always shoot one particular challenging scene with a variety of picture controls changing nothing else.  That should help you get a feel for what they do.

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Thanks for the advice, I am still very much getting used to the camera which I do like and most of the time it gives accurate and pleasing results.  I should have been a little clearer, I am shooting landscapes but using the standard picture control with brightness to -1 and sharpness to 5.  What I have also found fits my taste a little better in mode photos, even on sunny days is to have the auto white balance adjusted slightly so it is at A1.  When taking both cameras out I have never felt that I really dislike the D90 compared to the D40 apart from where this is darker trees.  Just to shot what I mean I have posted a couple of shots - nothing exciting but just to show what I mean.

If I edit the shadows/dark area in the photo above the rest of the image becomes a bit washed out.  Strangely though the uploaded image looks less dark here as it does in windows photo viewer 

Strange the dark areas don't look quite as dark now I have uploaded them.  A slower shutter might help the problem but then could than effect the rest of the scene?  This is the only really issue I am having with the D90.  Yesterday I have a similar problem, the foreground was sand, middle was blue sea and the background was a row of dark trees which again came out too dark, I tried active D-lighting at low which did help a bit.

Lightening the image in picasa actually improves a bit but I am always keen to learn how to try and take better photos so if I am doing something wrong I'd like to know how to improve this

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