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Re: Not a constructive post.

Shunda77 wrote:

coudet wrote:

Jared Huntr wrote:

IMO, the argument that more resolution offers more cropping is weak.

Yet, it is correct.

It is not correct, there are very good reasons why telephoto lenses are always preferable to cropping if at all possible.

We're weren't talking about lenses here. Your comment has no relevance at all to what I said.

Why not invest in some better telephoto lenses if you are that serious about IQ?

Actually, if you're serious about IQ, you'll need both higher resolution sensor and better telephoto lens.

And a Ferrari.

Again, no relevance at all.

I still maintain that if you downsample images from a 12MP, 16MP or 24MP to even a large JPG for web presentation that the differences will be negligible to non-existent.

Sure, if you downsample all to 320x240 pixel thumbnails, there will be no difference.

Oh good grief.

And again, you're 3 for 3. No relevance to anything I wrote in my post.

Please read more carefully next time and try to stick to the topic we're discussing.

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