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Wrong assumptions

Jere Landis wrote:

How many use their heads and their pencils to upgrade their cameras without breaking the bank. Ever notice all the hype on new camera improvements, really exciting! There's better stabilization, more pixels, improved and faster processors coming along every whip stitch. But, this doesn't translate into images that are THAT MUCH BETTER. In other words, is a $1000. upgrade going to produce files that much better, no it isn't.

There are two basic categories of camera buyers: professionals, whose goal is making money, and hobbyists, whose goal is satisfaction. In both cases "images that are THAT MUCH BETTER", whatever your standard for 'better' is, doesn't come directly into equation. The 'better' images aren't necessary what professionals are about, unless they can increase their ROI; neither it's necessary the major component of satisfaction for the second category.

People enjoy new cameras and lenses, just as they enjoy new cars, new computers, new TVs, new jewelry, new shoes, ... and they don't need any other justification to do that.

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