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Re: Zoner Photo Studio

Doug Pardee wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

To that list I would add Zoner Photo Studio 15 ( there is a free version).

Zoner Photo Studio is basically an editor. I don't see any indication that the organization system uses a database, or even goes beyond the most primitive organizational features such as found in Picasa.

If you have details, please pass them along. But it sure doesn't look to me like a database-type digital asset management system.

I've been using the free edition of ZPS (v14, then v15) for nearly a year.
It's far from being "basically an editor", it's an extremely comprehensive DAM, with editing features which I don't use.

I'm only using the image management features, and it allows full tagging, key wording and GPS tags and writes XMP sidecar files. It displays full EXIF and shooting details including histogram, and allows full searching based on almost any aspect of the image description.

I previously used IDImager and did not like the "upgrade" to Photo Supreme. IMHO Zoner is a much better program for image management and I shall continue to use it alongside Lightroom. The only reason I'm forced to use Lightroom is because that's the only way to import images for development.
In Zoner you right click a thumbnail and one of the options is "Open with", which allows me to select any one of my editing/developing programs (except Lightroom, since images have to be opened from within LR's own database).

Zoner don't seem to like advertising the free version on their site but you can download it from a number of sites one of which is
If you do a search for "Zoner Photo Studio Free" you will find a number of other locations where it can be downloaded.

Give it a try, for a free program I'm really impressed.

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