Office printer: laser or inkjet AIO, help please – what options?

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Re: Office printer: laser or inkjet AIO, help please – what options?

Whether this helps or not ??? - but here goes.  B+W lasers have the big advantage of the speed of printing large numbers, as I am sure you already know because they are in reality described best and most accurately as being "page printers" - meaning the information is sent once from the computer and then stored in the laser's memory (most can be upgraded from original RAM) to thus be able to print as many copies as required at true quoted pages per minute throughput without, like inkjets, having to send the information every time per page.

I found the most efficient and best lasers I used for general work (not photo, although were fine for such as newsletters and brochures) were those from the OKI stable - and I must also add the OKI colour lasers gave really well above average photo reproduction too.  The B+W OKI lasers I opted for used cartridges - with the drum being for the lifetime (and could be changed) so unlike most lasers of the HP base, did not change the drum with each cartridge, meaning integrated - a bit like many HP inkjets that have expensive cartridges because they incorporate the printheads.  Thus, changing a cartridge was a relatively inexpensive affair by comparison for the OKIs.  I did (after seeing a few years ago a Best Buy report on the Kyocera laser, that also only changed the cartridge and not the drum) buy a Kyocera - worst mistake ever made.  First jammed after 20 pages, replacement not much better - and I had brought new from UK to Spain - got first changed before move as I tried it out, thankfully but it was hopeless at paper feeding - so ended sitting in my garage and I got a new drum for the older OKI which I thankfully kept and that is still going strong.

I use an Epson DX7400 for general work (AIO with compatible dye inks) but if wanting to print, say, 150 pages for a newsletter (A4 pages with some small illustrations) will require the refillables to be refilled after only about 120 pages through - cheap to run and decent quality for purpose but hardly a speed fiend - only use this instead of the laser if the illustrations are required in colour.  Reason for not using a CIS?  Well, I did in fact install 2 in sequence but in both cases (and have found this happens in different inkjets) the Magenta stopped flowing properly - nothing seemingly wrong with flow tubes in both cases - there just seems to be some basic problem with flow of the Magenta inks in many Epsons - other inks being fine.  Perhaps something to do with the internal electrical settings or drivers - I don't know but no problems with refillables.  A nuisance but at least they work OK, whereas all the CIS units in different Epson models seem to have a similar Magenta problem that appears to be clogged nozzles but actually isn't.  Have always wondered is others have come across this.  I did not find any solution, so have opted to install refillables instead, without any such problems.

So, hope those comments halp in some small way.  Just posted "in case".

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