Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: What is left?

Pabloelguapo wrote:

chris_uk wrote:

You could always clean the sensor and go and take some pictures

You are kidding right? I just spent nearly 2000€ on a camera and it has oil spilling on my sensor, why do some of you people think that I or anybody else have the need to buy a camera, even if it cost me 30€ to have such problems, I am very sorry but you are not on the same ship as me.2000€ IS A LOT OF MONEY, it is the cost of of good second hand car, yes I know how to clean a sensor, but every 100 shots?, tell me the cost in a year?

No doubt, you would have know about the likelihood that you will have dust/oil spots at some point in time with the D600. It has been well documented in these and other forums. Buy yourself a wet cleaning kit and get on with it. Otherwise return it the camera and buy something else if you hoped that you would have had to avoid this.

The D600 is too good to be put off by doing a wet clean of the sensor when needed.

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