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Re: Old vs. new H&S brick

fyngyrz wrote:

The Advanced options are gone. If you have images or saved presets that used the older brick you can still access it. I kind of miss the flexibility and power of the old brick. The new one is much less flexible and extends too far into the midtones for my taste. But, it doesn't suffer the halo issues that could arise with the old one.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll stay FAR away from the (cough) "up"grade.

Sometimes I wonder just what the people at Apple are thinking. I *really* don't understand the trend t dumb things down. They already have iPhoto for those who want it quick and easy. Why cripple down the pro level app?

Maybe I should write my own application, eh? That'd be one way to get some control over this mess.

You can still use the old brick, there is a workaround as Aperture still supports the old one too, it's just well hidden. Any existing images using the old brick still use it, I think there's a way to copy it across to new images.

FWIW, I don't use it much, I tend to start my workflow at the top of the stack, and recover highlights and shadows in the Exposure brick first - adjusting the Exposure, Recovery and Black Point sliders until all the clipping has gone - as I see it, that starts you off with all the available image data to work with. Then I move on and adjust the image to what I want - more often the Magic Enhance button does a good job, leaving only a little bit of minimal tweaking needed.

As I see it, if an image needs too much adjustment, was it that good in the first place?

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