First attempt at photo stacking

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Re: First attempt at photo stacking

Hi Tommy,

It's certainly a good result for a first time attempt.

The image does look somewhat noisy-grainy when viewed in the larger size.

For shots like this you wanna shoot at base ISO (100 or 50)...and for a flower that depth (I'm guessing that it was probably at least 8-10 cms would normally require more than 8 shots to capture the entire DOF adequately with enough "overlap" between images.

Even with stacking, I would shoot at f/16 and take at least 20 images with a subject like that.

On this blade of grass I used 37 images - for example.

Just keep doing it...practice makes perfect.

Please also note - applying "selective lighting" in post is crucial on these kind of flower images, stacked or otherwise.


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