Sony a99 - Rockphotography

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Re: Sony a99 - Rockphotography

For events I use a D600.

I had not shot low light in quite some time and brought my Nikon D7000 to an event and the stage lighting was dim. All the photos came out the worst I have ever done in my 30+ career. That camera stinks,should have brought the D600 but then again,I'll bet they would not look half as good as your A99.

How's the Sony flash with the DSLRs? I always use a flash bracket and cable so I don't get side shadows.But it looks like the Sony flash flips so you don't need a bracket?
Does this wipe out shadows?
I'm seriously considering jumping ship.

What are your fave lenses for concerts?

Is the Sony investment much more than Nikon?

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