What if fuji didn't do x-trans?

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Re: What if fuji didn't do x-trans?

I'm looking for ways to switch to Fuji because of the Xtrans arrangement. I really like it, because there's no OLPF, and because it's just a much better arrangement for several technical reasons. I also love the controls on my Fuji X-S1, and am pleased of the consistency across the line.

But when I look at the x20, I see a "compact" that is as large as an APSC (think NX210 + 30mm), and when I see a x100s I see an oversized fixed lens camera that doesn't have the lens I'd prefer (30mm f1.4). Also Fuji still being at 16mp makes for earlier obsolescence and less resale value when everything in 2013 will be at 20+

In addition to the X-S1, I also own a Samsung NX20, with a 30mm f2 (to which I upgraded from an nx200 and nx1000). I've been wanting to go Fuji because I love the controls on the xs1 so much, and would love xtrans technology and a faster lens, but Fuji costs more, is much bulkier, and I can't even find an excuse to get the x20 as an additional camera because it's so large and can't replace anything I already have or have in the planning.

What I am trying to say, is that if it weren't for the Xtrans, fast 35mm f1.4 lens, and outstanding controls, as an outsider looking in (not a "fan" like some here), I wouldn't even consider Fuji.

Fuji certainly has some good things going for it, but size and price are keeping customers away.

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