One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

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Re: One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

gavin wrote:

I upgraded to the HP 9470m ultrabook with 246G SSD. The processor is faster than my old notebook but both has 8Gb RAM. I find LR4 much faster and I am thinking its the SSD I notice the speed up when I save photos that I finish editing.

Unless you run out of room, you don't need another SSD I think. BTW I am getting 64Gb SD card as extra storage and some USB 3.0 thumb drives too since I am worried I will blow by the 256G

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Using SD cards and USB thumb drives for extra storage on your laptop is not a great idea in my opinion - they are both painfully slow. A 'usb 3.0' thumbdrive is almost an oxymoron if you ask me - write times are typically 5-15 MB/s so it is unlikely they would use the capacity of a USB 2.0 drive (30MB/sec). Class 10 SD cards have a minimum read/write speed of 10 MB/sec. You will find both very slow compared to even a usb 2.0 hard disk.

A usb 3.0 hard disk will easily clock 100 MB/sec while SSD speeds are closer to 400MB/sec.

If I was the op I would put a (750GB) largish standard hard disk in the extra slot. Most of the SSDs advantage is in speeding up your boot drive, the extra space is always handy (I keep all my photos on my secondary drive) and, of course, it is a lot cheaper.

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