DPR chickens out (part 2)

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DPR chickens out (part 2)

Sorry for continuing, but I simply had to reply:

Great Bustard wrote:

dinoSnake wrote:

- exposure lightens or darkens an image.  Exposure is itself created from 3 factors: aperture + shutter speed + ISO.

Exposure is determined solely by the:

  • Scene Luminance
  • t-stop (usually closely approximated by the f-ratio)
  • Shutter Speed

ISO doesn't figure into exposure at all except inasmuch as it indirectly affects one of the above depending on the metering more you are in.  See this post (currently tied as the most bookmarked in the Open Forum):


That is 100% right...yet 100% SO WRONG.  It sounds LOVELY, but fundamentally...it is 100% wrong.

That post you link to wants to recreate the exposure triangle in order to meet the internal processing flow of modern digital cameras.  If you really bother to notice his discussion and concepts often use exclusive- to-digital terminology, and he uses this exclusive terminology in order to redefine an over 100-year old standard.  Photons on sensor, brightening - and then references amplification.

Let's go back to the basics, folks - STOP recreating what is KNOWN in photography simply because we are using digital media!

Let's look at the basics of exposure by doing the most simple of thing, a Google search:


Wow, so many results!  And ALL speak of the same photographic principle, from Wikipedia to even Nikon


The Exposure Triangle

The only reason we are attempting to redefine "exposure" into luminance (scene or focal plane) / t-stop / shutter speed is due to the electronic systems now in use, which can change the amplification applied to the image captured by the sensor.  Internally, this paradigm is 100% correct but yet the metering and the human who controls the camera is still using aperture / shutter / ISO - so how the camera does its internal processes in order to output the expected result based upon those computations is, quite frankly, meaningless.  The output is created automatically and varies depending upon manufacturer and even model in question, so to actually try to change a standard to meet the belief of what a non-standard is doing, hidden, is quite silly.

Gollywop's dissertation does not remove ISO from the equation it simply tells you to, in the modern world of digital, redirect your  of importance to a different order: shutter speed and aperture first, let ISO fall to minimum necessary as electronic processing will brighten the results as necessary.

"Given the scene, there are two camera controls that affect exposure, f-ratio and shutter speed, and there is one that affects brightening, ISO"

That is still the Exposure Triangle, just placed into nice, different wording!

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