How to tell if I got a good copy of 18-55mm lens?

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Re: How to tell if I got a good copy of 18-55mm lens?

Mount your camera on a tripod. Tape it down (the legs), if it moves, you start over.

Focus accurately on a magazine page (full colour magazine) with text at two or three font sizes and a picture. I suggest manual focussing and always on the same spot. Manual exposure.

Controlled lighting, your bedroom at night with curtains drawn and room lights sufficiently warmed up. Perhaps a worklamp across the magazine page if your room lights are not bright.

Take a picture across each aperture range and set focal lengths, maybe at 18mm, 35mm and 55mm.

Swap lens and do the same.

Organise/rename your pictures accurately

Pixel peep.

This will test sharpness only, which most people are concerned with anyway.

All colour and CA faults are easily corrected in post-processing. It is a kit-lens, don't kill yourself over every imperfection.

Would like to know if they really is a variation in sharpness of your two lenses, if you decide to bother after all the above steps.

Shortcut method:

Put on tripod or tape to window sill, take two pictures outside your window, pixel peep and go with your gut instinct. (It's fast and decision of which is better, is largely based on self-deception).

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