HS50 review at ePHOTOzine

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Re: HS50 review at ePHOTOzine

No, just buy a camera that can take decent pictures at default settings that look half way decent. There are cameras that can do that and take better images than the HS50. Most people don’t like or want to research exactly what custom setting you need to make in order to take a decent picture. Fuji is famous for needing to make exact custom setting in their cameras in order to take decent pictures. Take the X20 for instance, you can’t even shoot JPEG’s that are presentable and need to post process the RAW images to death in order to get a mediocre image. If you need to do that with the HS50, return it and get something that is much easier to use if you’re not willing to fiddle with it on every shot. Life it way too short to WORRY about, “are my custom setting correct for this type of shot, or not”?! Sometimes, you don’t have time to delve into the custom setting to adjust them to shoot every shot! If you need to do that, you will miss many important shots, and that would be a real shame.

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