What's ur dream camera?

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Re: What's ur dream camera?

Upgrade of the Samsung NX20 with exactly the same ergonomics that has the AF speed of the Nikon 1, better low light performance, much faster processor and larger buffer, throw in weathersealing and IBIS from the OM-D as long as the weight doesn't go over 400g. That's the easy bit, they could probably have those on sale by the end of the year...

Maybe also a RX100 with a built in EVF (smaller LCD to compensate, so size remains the same).

But, it's the lenses I dream about, not the camera!

I'd like (for APS-C)...

a 200-600 equivalent f2.8 (or f4 if you want me to be a bit more reasonable) that weighs less than 400g and is no longer than 15cm, collapsed.

a 25-150 equivalent f2.8 that weighs less than 200g and is no longer than 10cm, collapsed.

Needless to say, quality should be on a par with the top Nikon and Canon lenses of today, across the entire zoom range.

That's all!

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