Please: I'm looking for advice re buying compact camera with viewfinder

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Re: Please: I'm looking for advice re buying compact camera with viewfinder

They don't make them any more. Some compacts have optional clip on electronic viewfinders but they tend to be the top end of the market.

I also found this annoying a few years ago when I went to replace a mid range compact (I think it was a Casio) and discovered there wasn't a single non-high end compact camera on the market that had any sort of viewfinder. I guess these days people don't want them...

Something you might want to consider, and I mention this only as an option, is getting an older mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that has an electronic viewfinder, something like a Panasonic G1 or G3 or a Samsung NX 10 or 11 (I bought a NX10 and now have an NX20, but I've recommended the panasonics to friends and they're happy with them). You can get body + kit lens for any of these on ebay for less than 200 pounds, and if you go with the panasonic you can find reasonably priced zooms that will cover a good range.

The only downside is this is not as small as a compact, but you gain much better ergonomics and better image quality too.

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