Overall best digital compact for concert photography

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Re: Overall best digital compact for concert photography

mgd43 wrote:

The Panasonic LX7 has a Leica 24-90 f/1.4-2.3 lens, but it has what Panasonic calls "i Zoom" which is a kind of digital zoom that is configured to lose very little image quality. It extends the lens to 180mm. I have one and it works very well.

A m4/3 is probably your best bet, but an LX7 would be a lot less expensive and should do a good job. It's also a nice camera to have in general especially for those times when you don't want to bring a DSLR.

That sounds interesting - will investigate.  I really don't want to spend serious money on a m4/3 and I wanted to shoot digitally anyway, so I can correct my (many) mistakes.  I've never really done any concert photography before, so if I get the opportunity, I want to make it easier on me and learn as I go/shoot.  Film doesn't really allow that (don't get me wrong - I like film, but digital makes it easier to learn from your mistakes imho).


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