18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

Started Apr 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

Patco wrote:

Speaking of reading the original post, I didn't see where the OP referenced the 55-300 as one of his choices.

It was a suggestion.

If I was buying *one* lens, it would certainly be the 18-200 over the 70-300 (or 55-300).

So would I.

I guess I interpreted the op's mention of "I know they're not comparable but" to mean that he was interested in the performance over the overlapping range.

For straight image quality, even the 55-300vr will give him better results over the 18-200 (and a good deal more reach), hence my suggestion.

I assume he already has another wide angle option.

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