Best type of light for portaiture?

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Re: Best type of light for portaiture?

Easy. Yungnuo 560 II + 8 pack of Eneloops Rechargeable batteries with battery charger.

Also get yourself a cheap light stand for $30 or less that comes with a bracket holder and since you don't have an assistant I'd go with a 43" umbrella that can be used as shoot through or bounce.

Truthfully there is no such thing as "best type of light" for portraiture.

Some photos look better with bare flash, some soft light, some you can get away with using the mid day sun.

What manners more is that you

A. Know how the inverse square law works and how it can work for you and against you.

B. Know your lighting profiles and how to postion your light source or yourself to your light source (such as the sun) to get the proper lighting that you want.

Shooting a lot will also teach you how to see the light.

But for only about $150 you can get yourself a nice lighting set up using only 1 light source.

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