Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Some figures

Jared Huntr wrote:

IMO, the argument that more resolution offers more cropping is weak. Why not invest in some better telephoto lenses if you are that serious about IQ? Or why not learn to compose better in-camera so you don't have crop afterwards?

I still maintain that if you downsample images from a 12MP, 16MP or 24MP to even a large JPG for web presentation that the differences will be negligible to non-existent. If they are noticed, then maybe you need to consider why the viewer would be pixel peeping rather than focusing on the subject matter.

Well said Jared.

I just did some research on what one could buy with the cost of the 7100 +18-105 with an emphasis primarily on image quality, not so much the other features.

Prices all in NZ dollars from established 'brick and mortar' stores, (if you go to on line stores or parallel importers, the cost is much less for the D5100).

D7100 + 18-105 = $2175.00

D5100 + 18-105, + 55-300vr, + 35/f1.8 = $2152.00

Alternatively you could get the D5100 with the 18-105 and the 70-300vr for $2119.00

Not much relevance to someone with a stack of Nikon gear, but for someone starting with a Nikon kit, the D5100 option will give them a kit that would stomp all over a new D7100 with equivalent image quality.

The creative potential of the first kit is huge.

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