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Jere Landis wrote:

Not really so, just pointing out a fact. It's not necessary to have all the latest to create fine images. Also, posts like yours are often people who spent a lot of money on equipment and therefore need to justify it. I've looked back on pictures taken a few years ago with my Canon 10D, 6MP, and frankly there's little difference in the ones today taken with my 18MP Canon SLR. I use M4/3s because of size and convenience to carry with you. If I'm really serious about getting the very best results, I'll use the Canon DSLR.

No need for latest and greatest but still upgraded from Canon 10D for little difference. You have m4/3s for size and convenience but also use Canon DSLR to get the very best results.

What about people who only shoot one format (m4/3) and they want to upgrade to the EM-5 or GH-3 to get the very best results with m4/3? They are being unwise but you are not? You don't see a bit of hypocrisy here? Was your Canon equipment free?

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