Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

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Re: Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

Dave Luttmann wrote:

VisuallyOriented wrote:

amobi wrote:

There is no such thing as sending it to Nikon to have it fixed. You send it to Nikon to have it cleaned or you clean it yourself.

You people should stop spreading out wrong information.

And you know this how?  Do you work for Nikon?  You are privy to corporate information? I'm guessing no.... No, you are just a guy on the internet.  Nikon has built millions of cameras without this issue, to say they can't fix it is asinine.

You are the one spreading information that you have no possible way of knowing.

Pretty much.  The guy blathers on and on about how he hates Nikon and is going back to Canon...yet he buys a D800, D600 and now a D7100.

I bet you can't point out where I said hate Nikon. I don't hate them but i am not blind like you. I know you fanboys hate to hear the truth. It hurts you guys like crazy.

Again there is no such thing as Nikon fixing D600 oil issue. Even Nikon said to bring it in to their service center for cleaning but you guys will continue to spread liars about fixing it.

Just like D800 when they have a fix they will let us world know. Meanwhile keep using rocket blower and be careful not to avoid warranty.

BTW I like how you keep stalking me. I will keep you very busy.

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