Why so few 60D posts here?

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My gripes

Okay, I can complain.  The Canon 60D lacks:

  • The standard Ring of Fire focusing grid with 45-AF points, providing gapless coverage throughout an inner and outer ring of selectable focusing points
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Faster frame rate for the shutter, 8 fps minimum
  • Ergonomics designed for people with larger hands
  • Full DW-R rating
  • Shorter viewfinder blackout

Here's my list of complaints about the Canon 7D:

  • No AF in video mode 
  • Limited AF grid area that has gaps in the set of selectable AF points
  • Long viewfinder blackout time
  • Electronic viewfinder layer does not take well to bright conditions, under which the LCD layer appears as opaque dots and interferes with the view
  • No Silent Mode without using Live View 
  • Short battery life 
  • AI Servo AF speed retarded by accuracy priority
  • AF tends to backfocus instead of finding the foreground object, same as on the 20D 
  • Video mode not accessible with one button for instant-on recording
  • Mode dial is too easily moveable by accident, resulting in ending up in unwanted modes like Green Square, Creative Auto, Bulb, or Custom
  • Buttons on left side of LCD preview screen too easily pressed by accident; LCD screen made unnecessarily large while large buttons were squished against left edge 
  • Lack of full DW-R rating
  • Sensor noise at ISO Speed 6400
  • No audio annotation option without recording video
  • No dual card option
  • No button for folder selection
  • Remaining frames not displayed in viewfinder
  • No Custom White Balance memory for more than one white balance
  • No information feedback on rear of camera related to frames remaining, frame number, folder selection, and white balance
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