Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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Re: Not the D600 - anything else though

lickity split wrote:

Quote: (I did'nt read any of his thread, as the d600 is of no interest to me...)   This is what my comment was all about . People who have not owned or have no interest in the camera jumping on the lets talk some b/s train...Thanks for coming clean on this matter... I do read your responses and respect your knowledge on photography, just not on this issue....   :))))   Have a great evening....

I'm comfortable enough using my brother's experience as fact.  He wasn't aware of any issues, he's a very experienced photographer, so no reason for doubt him.  Not like he was a friend of a friend of that friend's fourth cousin.  And my only reference to the fellow with the four day old camera was that he had a four day old camera with issues which the headline said.  And I've since went back and read the thread and he posted pictures of the spots.  So that's enough to assume he's on the up and up.

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