Canon 6D white curtain phenomenon

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Need to redefine 'infinitesimal'

bigdaddave wrote:

That is NOT the flash from another camera, no way no how.

Do you know the chances of another flash going off in the same 1/500th of a second? Infinitessimal. You could try for years and not have that happen once.

It is the begginnings of shutter failure, no doubt about it, you are being fooled by the fact the area is much more exposed than the surroundings.

I've had plenty of shots where other people's flashes went off and I've seen it in other people's shots too.  If you're at an event where people take the shot at certain moments, such as basketball players about to dunk, or people stopping to pose, it's not unusual to have that happen.  For high profile situations, look at red carpet moments or press conferences to see how frequently flashes go off.

One other point is that basing the odds on 1/500 second isn't correct.  When it's faster than the sync speed, the shutter won't be fully open, but a flash going off at any point during that exposure will show the effect.  So for the 6D, you'll see the effect during a 1/180 second timeframe or so (it's probably a longer duration than 1/180).


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