One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

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Re: One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

malch wrote:

stevenmh wrote:

My guess is that having a single SSD will be perfectly sufficient, but if anyone here has compared single SSD vs a second SSD for cache/catalog/images, I'd like to hear your experience.

Not worth it, IMO.

With HDD's you really need want to spread the work over multiple spindles in order to overlap the very long seek and rotational latency times.

With SSD's, seek and latency are virtually eliminated.

This is the info I was looking for.  Thanks very much!

I appreciate all the other replies as well, but I wasn't clear.  I wasn't looking to use one SSD as a cache for the other.  My mention of cache was related specifically and only to the previews cache file created by LR.  Also wouldn't need it for storage, as all my data/documents are stored on a shared network drive.  I would only have the current batch of images on the laptop, and would move them over to network storage once processed.  My interest in two SSDs was purely, as Malch put very well, to spread the work over multiple spindles during photo and video editing.  Except that with SSDs not actually having spindles, I suspected that this would not be nearly as beneficial a strategy as it is for a pair of HDDs, which he has confirmed.

Generally speaking, there's also some benefit to separating data/documents from OS/Apps for backup purposes.  When the day arrives that the $/GB of SSDs makes them feasible for storage drives, I'd still want separate OS/Apps and data/documents SSDs on my desktop file-sharing PC, rather than a single large SSD, even without any significant benefit in I/O speed.

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