Dependable (cheap) Radio Slave

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Re: Dependable (cheap) Radio Slave

Here's a couple of excellent round-up articles on inexpensive RF transmitters/receivers or transceivers:

Flashavoc round-up, DPAnswers round-up


ETA: I use Yongnou 603s and like them a lot. They reliably fire the flash at any distance I've ever wanted and of course do not require line-of-sight. I like that each unit is a transceiver. I also like that they use standard AAA batteries, although that is a matter of taste. (the 602s are transmitter/reciever pairs and use an oddball battery.) Yongnous can fail to operate at maximum synch speed, although this is camera-specific. I have used mine with Nikon D5000, D70, and D800. Only the D800 needed to have a slower shutter speed (1/160s max instead of the Nikon usual 1/200 s.) It wasn't a big deal to slow the shutter down the extra 1/3 stop, but with Yongnou you should realize that you may have to on some models of camera -- this has also been reported on some Canon models. The way that the 603 attaches to the camera is suboptimal -- it slides onto the hotshoe and doesn't have a knob to lock it in place. I would not put a flash unit on top of the 603 for fear of the whole thng sliding off the camera -- but I don't use the unit with on-camera flash anyway. If you do, you might want to consider this issue in your choice. For the off-camera flash, this isn't a problem because the umbrella bracket or what-have-you grabs the transceiver and clamps it in place, while the flash can be screwed down on the transceiver -- it's just the transceiver-to-camera mount that lacks a lock. The on/off button is poorly placed -- you have to turn the unit on before you mount the flash on the unit, as the flash covers the on/off switch. All in all, though,, for the money it's a really nice reliable manual unit. HTH

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