Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

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No, you don't get it.

Geographically, for much of the west there is no data signal. Where there is no data signal there is no Cloud access. I work in the mountains of the west. There's a reason the local people all carry CB radios -- emergencies require it because the cell signal is not reliable, let alone a data signal or a full 4G data signal. I travel in an RV with usually a week in a location so Comcast is NOT an option.

I have a Wi-Fi hot-spot on my smart phone and I use that for access in all kinds of obscure remote places, but there has to be a data signal. My phone spends a lot of time shut off in my pocket because the battery goes dead in an hour or so searching for a non-existent cell signal.

I can live with Win-8 once I get software loaded on the machine. It's an irritation, it's usable.

Shutting the lid puts mine in sleep mode which means it's still burning battery. It has to shut down. Pushing the switch is an option I'd forgotten.


1) Skydrive (for me at least) syncs to and over the web, but is still completely available without a connection.

2) Nobody is forcing you to use Skydrive with Windows 8.  Local storage volumes are still 100% accessible.

And, how are you accessing the web? There has to be either a hard-wired connection or a wireless connection to the web.

You can not plug a network cable into a pine tree, or your solar panel to get access to the web. And using Starbucks Wi-fi isn't an option -- no Starbucks for Miles.

There's no 4G / LTE signal because the terrain is steep mountains and canyons and the distance is too far.

Whatever. It's beautiful out in the mountains and deserts, but it's not for those who want to be connected 24-7. I'd rather be where I can photograph 24-7. I just don't want the software manufacturers make it more difficult.

What doesn't he get?  What you are complaining about?  Sounds like your issue is that you live in a very remote area with no internet access.  How is that the fault of Windows 8 or Skydrive or "software manufacturers"?

Virtually all modern software relies on an internet connection for one feature or another.  If nothing else, I don't know of any software, literally none,  that doesn't require you to have an internet connection to download updates, bug fixes, security patches, etc.  If that is making it more difficult for you........well your expectations are just not realistic.

As an aside, isn't high speed internet service available via satellite anywhere in the world, even remote mountainous areas?  Also, do you have landline phone service?  You know they still offer dial up internet access over regular phone lines.  If the answer to these questions is no, then I think that you just have to accept the fact that living like a pioneer, as beautiful and as simple as it may be, has it's limitations.  Watching the cloud computing revolution pass you by may be one of them.

Even more to the point, Skydrive syncs to the local drive and is available even when off line.  So, should stuartp choose to use Skydrive (which, by the way, is NOT at all required in Windows 8) he could still wait to sync it for whenever he happens to have a connection (which clearly happens once in a while, as he is on an online forum).

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