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Re: mixing brands

OK I hear ya on the modifiers but they all make adapters and such to go with.  In fact PCB makes some with rings specific to Elinchrom.  Or are you saying the color temp is different? That can be handled with a simple white balance (should do that anyway).

For motion I am not asking to stop water - though it is way cool you can do that I am just looking to maybe toss a ball to someone and freeze it in the air - this is a toss not a fastball. Will the BXRI500 I have stop it? If not would I be best served to get a bxri250 to stay in the Elinchrom family and stop this action or should I mix to an Einstine for those situations.  I would like to get a 3rd for fill light and stop using shoe flashes as fill or backdrop illumination - its a pain.

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