Lenses for D600 and Southwest Trip

Started Apr 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Lenses for D600 and Southwest Trip

I would forgo the 24 2.8 and get the 18-35G.  It's an amazing light weight WA lens on the D600 that will also fill in quite nicely for a 24/28/35 prime lens, unless you absolutely need the low light capability.

As said, and I agree, the 24-85vr is ok, but soft along the edges.  I'm not sure the 24-120vr is much better.

I'm thinking a nice kit would consist of the 18-35G, 50 1.8G, along with the 70-200 f4.  This would give you excellant image quality in a nice light kit well within your budget.

Whatever your decision, I would definetly include the 18-35 in your kit.


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