Lenses for D600 and Southwest Trip

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Re: Lenses for D600 and Southwest Trip

Pixnat2 wrote:

Wow, you will make a very nice trip!

For those fantastic southwest landscapes, a wide angle lens is a must.

The first lens I would consider is the 18-35G. I just got it three days ago for my D600, it's totally amazing : sharp wide open and tack sharp across the frame when stopped down. There's a fair bit of distortion but nothing to worry about for landscapes. And the exellent part is that it handles flare very good! It's an amazing UWA zoom.

As I'm new to D600 too, the two other lenses that I have are the 50mm 1.8G and the 24-85VR- The 50 is great lens, super sharp from wide open with a good bokeh. The 24-85 isn't that great. Center sharpness is good, but the corners are soft, so it's not a great landscape lens. It's an ok lens for general photography, but the southwest landscapes are so beautiful that they deserve a great lens, and, IMHO, it's the 18-35G!

Have a nice trip!

Yes, I've heard the 18-35G was very sharp and that was part of my thinking in having lenses that covered a larger range.  I had been considering the 24-120mm over the 24-85mm but read in a few places that the quality of the lens was not that consistent from one sample to the next and that it was softer in the corners than the 24-85mm.   Thanks for your reply!

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