Printing: 3rd party or at home?

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Re: Printing: 3rd party or at home?

erezitz wrote:

Dear all,

I know this is the Nikon DSLR FX forum but since here I feel "at home" I would like to know whether you serious amateurs and professionals print your pictures at home or send them out for printing?

I have thousands of pictures from my ex D300 and pretty new D800 lying around in my PC and back-up hard drives and am starting to think it´s time to have a hard copy of the best ones...

What do you think is most advisable, both in terms of cost and quality?

P.S. I am not talking about small album prints but rather bigger than A4 size.

Thanks in advance

Ahh... printing.... it's a lot more than that.

It's paper, color profiles, aspect ratios to fit into commercially available mats....

The paper issue is pretty complicated... Rag?.. Resin core?... GSM?... Optical brighteners? gloss, matte & in between... Archival pigmented ink?

Then there's canvas... stretched, museum wrap?

If cost is a factor, Costco uses Archival pigmented ink on resin core Epson paper; it's a good product. They print up to 16 X 20 on their Noritsu printers. They only use gloss or luster paper. The Luster shows well under glass.

I use them for canvas they print on gloss primed canvas that looks varnished , it's not.

Before you have anything printed, make sure you have the proper color profile for the printer they're using. You can get that on  a website called Drycreek. How you change the color profile you can learn from someone else.

Good luck


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