Giottos glass screen protecter issue

Started Apr 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
ropausa Regular Member • Posts: 177
Re: Spoke to fuji

Joel Stern wrote:

I was told that the LCD glass or plastic should not be higher than the black frame or bezzle.  He pulled both his 100 & 100s out and told me if anything the glass was a bit lower, so that is where i think ths bubble is coming from.  I will wait for my Amazon replacement and they are letting me use this one till another comes in. When i run my finger nail from the frame to the LCD you can tell the LCD glass is a fraction hihger which of course would make a giottos fit incorrectly.

That answer does not make sense since the glass mounts to the frame so it has to be higher so it has to be farther away from the LCD which is below the frame.

The thing that would cause a problem if it is higher is if the screen rotates to face the lens when you put the camera away. A glass mounted to the frame might make the screen too thick to fold facing the lens.

Maybe that interference pattern was the answer. Is your bubble clear or does it look like an oil slick?

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