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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the optical formula of Leica design?

Just as much as the lens on the Sony RX1 is a "Carl Zeiss" design.

They are just labels that the trademark owners sell to the highest bidder.

There is probably a large group of people that think the German Leica workers are designing lenses for the M9 and Olympus right next to each other, and they just ship to different places.

Whether or not they are (the Sigma patent leads me to believe Sigma designed the lens in this case) a lens design, aside from testing, should be feasible from anywhere, if they're only working in cad or the like. As for actual testing and implementation, it'll have to happen at a factory, but you can always send back incorrect results to engineers across the world who would have to get back to the drawing board. It may not be an ideal, or even likely setup, but it can be done.

Another possibility is the design is sent to Leica engineers after complete, who take a glance, say "yeah, that looks cool (or however you'd say that in german)" who then just pass an ok stamp. This wouldn't mean necessarily Leica quality, it would allow a valid name branding.

Of course, they could just be selling the name too, but were I in charge at Leica, I'd at least want some eyes on anything bearing the name.

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