Fuji X Pro 1, Oly OMD 5 ... time to leave Canon?

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Re: Fuji X-E1, ... time to leave Nikon?

Travelshooter wrote:

What international travel has taught me is I better be able to carry the gear without feeling like a burnt out mule by 2 PM, since the day is not nearly over.  My on tour usage of 9-18 in m 4/3 and 10-22 in APS-C is o little carrying them around makes no sense.  If taking it makes no sense, owning it makes no sense either.  Zooming with your feet in foreign countries is not practical so a wide to medium zoom, a medium to tele zoom and perhaps a fixed 35mm equivalent + a small backup camera like an S95/100/110 sized unit in a photo vest is the way for me to go.  I rarely shoot any video so those capabilities are not much of a consideration if at all.  ISO capabilities are a large concern ...  and as I focus on the X Pro 1 and the Oly OMD 5 I see the Fuji superior in many ways, but with significant drawbacks, with the Oly still more than capable compared to anything in a much heavier Rebel.

Things that bother me in the Fuji are the lack of diopter adjustment, but I seem to have read that Nikon has an add on diopter adjustment lens?  Slower focus reports I have heard are a negative as at times you are shooting out a bus or moving car window.  Restriction of zoom at 200mm X 1.5 = 300 mm effective is a big concern for the Fuji....  birds, wildlife.....   ..  and nothing on the road map that would be meaningful to me.

I appreciate where you are coming from regarding weight and useability of a camera system. I have a modest history of travel photgraphy since 1971, started with aZeiss Icon SLR, 50mm only (maybe that's why I can't stand that particular mm??) and then Pentax ME, then an F3 with a 24/2.8 and a 105/2.5. Tha combination served me well and I only replaced it with a 20/2.8 and a 85/1.8 later on the terribly plasticky and heavy F90X (N90X in the US).

Have then gone through the motions of the Nikon range and just a couple of months ago sold all my Nikon gear, 7.5kg including travel rucksack (wouldn't call it a bag...). Originally I had a look at the Fuji X-P1 because I like the concept, like a long lost friend, aperture, shutter speed, thats it! Thought I would get the X-E1 with the zoom as a travel only camera, but found it almost sobering to see how the image quality totally blew my D300s out of the water, no real pixel peeping needed, quite obvious, really. When I opened the first few pictures taken with the XE1 I thought "What the..." ... Here is a 100% crop from one of my first photos taken with the X-E1 and the zoom:

Here is the original:

But - and that has been mentioned here occasionally - there is more to this little system: It brought utter fun back to photography for me! Not to be underestimated when chosing a camera!

So I took the X-E1 through the wringer within the last 2 months, into the studio (D800 plus Canon 5DMKIII were used at the same time!), car travel up the New Zealand coastline and then the ultimate test (as far as my fitness level goes: Tongariro Crossing a reasonable manageable mountain hike, 19 kms or thereabout, some slippery clay fields, gravel that lets you do two steps up, slide one step back. I took the X-E1 with the absolutely fabulous 14/2.8 and the 18-55 zoom, a light package even after the first 4 hours uphill.

Have a look at this 14mm photo taken from the top of a vulcanic ridge:

Won't bore you with any more details, sadly cannot publish any of the model shots here from the studio because of some commercial rights involved, but let me just say, that considering that the D800 is an 36Mpx beast, the 3 cameras were on par, with better shadows and skintones on the Fuji. Amazing really!

You mentioned diopter comensation: The X-E1 has this built in! And: I only bought the X-E1 when Capture One had released their version 7.1 with support for the Fujis! This would have been a killer for me!

Have a look at my gallery here on dpreview if you are interested in some samples of what these cameras are capable of!


The teddies there I added to illustrate the colour editing features without masking in Capture One 7 Pro.

Good luck with your decision, great fun, isn't it??


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