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Re: yes to an fz200

jerrymend wrote:

OK---the camera arrived last night, and I spent some time putting it together---charging the battery, putting on the strap, etc. Downloaded the manual and started reading it. 1 small issue----the lens cap string is impossible to install as per the instructions, but I never used those cap keeper type things anyway so it really does not matter. I spent time today setting up the camera, setting the clock, the grid screen, diopter adjustment,  adjusting some minor settings  and taking a few pictures. So far so good. I am reviewing what I took. Two questions, though please----What is the best or usual aspect ratio to use-for general photography  as seen on a  computer screen and 2----how exactly do I set the camera for  minus 1/3 ev ?   I know how to do this on my dslr, but the lack of a clear instruction book with this camera is a problem. The  down loaded version is difficult to read and just not very good in my opinion. The camera feels good inmy hands and is easy on my neck. The evf is clear and the lcd screen is bright.   I am looking forward to using this camera a lot and thank all of you in advance for your answers. Thanks----

Hi Jerry:

I like the 3:2 aspect for my wide monitor...and matches my dslr shots.

As for the minus 1/3 ev, unless I am mistaken you press the small lower button on the bottom right side in the back of the camera...not around my camera right now.  You should see the options at the top of the vf screen.  Each time you press it moves on to another option, and use the 4way contrlr to adjust.  If I am wrong, someone else can chime in and correct me.

I hope you enjoy the camera as much as I do...good sharp detailed images for this sized sensor/camera.

best, i.j.

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