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Convergence and divergence

clengman wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

Pretty much every 50mm f/2 lens made between the early 1970s and the development of affordable aspherical element manufacturing techniques used the same double-gauss optical design. Each maker tweaked it a bit and maybe gave it a different name (Zeiss "Planar" or Leitz "Summicron"), or no name at all, but they were all close variants of each other.

The same thing is happening with today's computer-driven designs. They're converging due to different companies using the same, or very similar, design algorithms.

Then who cares if it's a Leica design or not? Everyone plugs the same numbers into the same algorithm and gets the same lens design? That's your argument?

In the end you shouldn't care whether or not it's a Leica design! You should only care whether or not it's a good design. The Leica brand assures a certain level of design & build quality, but there's no magic about it.

It seems to me though that designs are diverging not converging. Once you're able to make really funky lenses relatively cheaply, there are far more feasible design possibilities, not fewer.

You're right with regard to the vast expansion of possibilities...thus the Cosina Voigtlaender-branded f/0.95 lenses, for example. Check out the Samyang/Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye too...that lens blows every other fisheye I've used into the ditch! At the same time, though, most lenses are built with tight size, weight and cost restrictions in mind. This is the arena where the convergence is happening.

You might note that many of the latest Sigma lenses are made to higher quality standards than in the past...with prices to match. Now that Sigma can really compete optically with the big boys (due to those pesky algorithms) they've chosen to up their game in other areas too.


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