Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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And life goes on.....

Expressing frustration on a public forum is a good way to relieve some stress and anxiety.  It's like yelling out the window, but instead you'll have an audience outside who will yell with you.

After that, you close the window and sit down to think pragmatically as to what might be your best option to alleviate the situation that is causing you such angst.  In this case you can attempt to return the camera for a refund, return the camera for an exchange, keep the camera and return it to the manufacturer for warranty repair, keep the camera and live with its deficiencies.

Yelling out the window does sometimes feel good but it can't change what has already happened.  When you burn yourself on the stove, you can yell all you want about it but that doesn't change what already happened.  It just lets off a little anger and stress.  You still have to decide how to treat the burn.

A car manufacturer once built a defective car.  People yelled out the window a lot.  Eventually the yelling stopped because soon everybody knew about the defect.  So instead they made a conscious choice to either live with the car's deficiency or not risk buying the car.  In time the manufacturer replaced the model with a new one and the old one became history.  But that old car is still on the road and working fine for those who decided to live with it.

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