Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: What is left?

How do you guys know this is the dreaded D600 spotting problem, or just  initial break-in spotting that is typical of recent Nikon DSLRs? Pablo has only taken 200 shots.

It is a little early to get hysterical about it.

leicaman wrote:


Absolutely agree.  The people that post things like this have obviously never had this problem with a D600.

Pabloelguapo wrote:

chris_uk wrote:

You could always clean the sensor and go and take some pictures

You are kidding right? I just spent nearly 2000€ on a camera and it has oil spilling on my sensor, why do some of you people think that I or anybody else have the need to buy a camera, even if it cost me 30€ to have such problems, I am very sorry but you are not on the same ship as me.2000€ IS A LOT OF MONEY, it is the cost of of good second hand car, yes I know how to clean a sensor, but every 100 shots?, tell me the cost in a year?

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