One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

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Re: One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

kelpdiver wrote:

ilysaml wrote:

It will be a waste, not worth it. The constant caching of thumbnails will worn out the SPEED of the SSD. The SSD will reliably hold data, but the wear-leveling algorithm will cause monumental fragmentation of the files. The thumbnail files will be constantly getting 'blown' to bits by the SSD wear-leveling, As such, the files will be read as fast as from a good HDD.

To shorten, there are no performance benefits to be gained by using a SSD to cache a SSD.

There are no measurable gains to separating catalog from the rest on a separate ssd, no, but there's also no concern about wearing out via thumbnail caching or fragmentation.  It will be markedly faster than using a platter drive.

Generally, adding a second SSD for the system isn't worthy unless you want it as a storage drive for the great transfer rates with large media files, and actually no body uses a SSD for sotrage, even when 2 Drives Raided 0, there's a slight noticeable performance gain unless you're a bench guy seeking high numbers. I use a a SSD for system drives, 2 x 1TB HDDs in RAID0, and 2TB for storage, external 500GB USB 3.0 for critical situations and backups.

@ Stevenmh

Read the foolwing;

SSD caching reduces the time it takes to load commonly used programs, but there is a limit to the benefits. If the data is already stored in the computer's RAM, then SSD caching does not improve load times at all since the computer's RAM is much faster than even the fastest SSD drive currently on the market. The main advantage of SSD cache comes into play when booting into Windows or when a program is run for the first time after a reboot or power off. Since the data in RAM gets cleared each time the computer powers cycles, the data is not present in the RAM whereas it is still present on the SSD cache drive.

The benefits of SSD caching are completely non-existent if you already using a SSD as your primary drive.

If you wanna really see how things are fast, try setting up a RAMDISK, but that's another drawback.

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