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yray wrote:

Never held D40 in my hands, so not sure I can defend it, but one thing I did notice is that the desire to pull every last detail from the shadows often results in lower overall contrast to the point of making for a more bland, less interesting shot. I often prefer to discard some uninteresting detail to get a punchier shot. Maybe that's just me. It is all a matter of degree of course.

Sorry, should have responded to both in one posting.

In rendering, absolutely one will make a decision about what to keep and what to throw away in order to convey your artistic intent within the limitation of the rendering medium.  I agree that attempting to compress all the scene's DR into a rendering injudiciously results in flat, uninteresting images, and I usually hate ADL for this very reason.

Contrast this with image capture.  With a wide DR camera, you can decide on how you want to interpret the scene in post.  With the powerful postprocessing tools we now have, the goal as a RAW shooter becomes exposure for maximal data quality capture, not so much rendering intent.

The D40 by virtue of its limited DR forces the photog to shoot in a more filmic manner, with the DR limitations of the filmstock uppermost in mind.  This can be argued to be a more skillful and intentional method of capture, but it can also be argued as making a virtue out of an undesirable limitation.

The price to be paid for the postponement of rendering is, of course, you're not done after the image leaves the camera.

Computational photography...another way of saying "let's go to the darkroom and see what's really in that high-DR filmstock, Johny".

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