Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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Not the D600 - anything else though

lickity split wrote:

I can only speak on my own experience,unlike others in the forums.. .Buy one, if there's a problem with it, you have thirty days to return it for a refund.I bought mine at b&h in mid jan...Love that camera..   :)))))

But that's the problem.  The D600 problem, unlike the left AF issue of the D800 can show up any time, even months later. So the 30 day return period is long gone.  My brother, oblivious that there was even an issue, happily used his for four months with no issues. Now spots are showing up, and he's not really sweating it, but to some people it's a big deal to have to clean a sensor or have to mail it to Nikon and be without it for a month or so.

So "buy one" is not a good recommendation, irregardless of how loyal you are to Nikon or to the D600. If the D600 was stock as in stock on the stock market, it would have a "do not buy" rating. There's a thread on here now from a fellow with a 4 day old D600 that has the issues so the issue is still around. You only make the recommendation because yours is fine. Pretty easy to do, don't ya think!?

And I get that all cameras are for the most part a compromise. I hate the "banks" on the Nikon's ( D200 through to D800 and D4 ) but that is a compromise that I am willing to accept. But manufacturer's defects are not a part of the compromise that any buyer should have to accept.

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