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fotolopithecus wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Reilly, cameralabs is among the most respected photography review sites there is, and I've never seen this Guy with a testing agenda.  At this point you appear to be getting angry with anyone who holds even a slightly different opinion from yourself. Making absolute categorical statements doesn't make them correct.

Sorry if it came over that way.  We do tend to get worked up around here.  Let ye without sin cast the first stone, etc.  I think you have been enjoying the back and forth more than most if the number of threads you have started on this very subject are any indication.  As well, we have seen a variety of categorical statements in this thread and many others.  The underlying or overt premise of some of these posts is that the Nikon is simply doing a marketing gimmick and that everything is the same, we're seeing things that aren't there, we're being dishonest with ourselves, blah blah blah.

Well, I can state categorically or otherwise that things are indeed different and better, all things considered, as many of us have already noted.  I shall have no hesitation in so saying, I hope in a manner consistent with Mako's blood pressure :^)

I'd never even heard of Cameralabs 'til now.  Everyone who knows Nikon DSLRs well knows that the jpgs are okay at best, but not representative of the best the camera can produce.  The respect factor you mention would have increased if he had shot raw and worked with the files a few minutes longer.

I've seen several reviews at this point that comport very well with the cameralabs one, which by the way, is NOT a negative review. If there weren't at least some truth to whats being reported, why are so many reviewers saying essentially the same thing?

Because most of the reviewers, even those that are fairly competent (including Cameralabs) don't have either the inclination or expertise to go to the near fanatic lengths that it takes to fairly evaluate cameras with the highest resolution sensors. Lengths that Thom Hogan routinely goes to, that DPR's reviews often go to, and that several of the Nikon forum's most expert photographers go to. While my first reply here was titled "Why I disagree with the verdict ..." I did acknowledge that Cameralabs' D7100 review was a decent one, one that's probably completely satisfactory for their readership base and probably good enough for most DPR readers as well. As DSLR sensor resolution increases (and it will), Cameralabs may go the extra mile but I won't fault them if they don't. The photographers that have the lenses, experience and shooting technique (Thom's "shot discipline") to realize all that the D7100 is able to produce already know the few extra bits that the review didn't touch on.

I'm enjoying the arguments, but I'm not getting angry about it, because either way I win. If the D7100 is dramatically better, then I'll be getting one, and having the enjoyment of a new, and somewhat different camera. On the other hand, if I come to think, as I have been coming to think in recent days that the improvements are small  then I'll be happy to save the $1200.00.

The D7100 is better but not dramatically better, and it's not really better at the smaller apertures that are  commonly used so you may as well save your money. I know what many others here know, that the D800e can produce better images than the D800, but in my eyes not by a dramatic margin so I saved several hundred dollars and bought the D800. While I have several of the "D800 approved" lenses, day to day I'm more likely to use good but less excellent lenses like the 24-85mm and 28-300mm VR lenses, and they wouldn't be able to take advantage of the D800e's charms.

 In any event we can probably agree on one thing, which is that all three cameras are better than what Canon has on offer,no?

No. While I'm not a Canon fan, for several types of shooting some of their DSLRs and lenses are clearly superior to what Nikon has to offer. Do I really need to spell them out?

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