Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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Re: All of them

People come out to the forum, read about a "problem", and then immediately try to replicate it on their camera.  If you didn't know about the dust/spots or the left AF issue, would have noticed it?

Sony has a limited lens selection, and the translucent mirror robs you of some light.  Canon doesn't give you a reasonable number of AF points or multiple card slots until you step up to the 5D3, and you still get a sensor that is just a tweaked version from yesteryear.  They all produce wonderful images, and they all have their limitations.  Just pick a brand and a camera and start shooting.

If you shoot landscapes and closed down apertures, with bright clean skies, then maybe Nikon wouldn't be your first choice.  Otherwise $50 for a cleaning kit and you're set.

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