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Re: This is hypocritical

Jere Landis wrote:

RicksAstro wrote:

Jere Landis wrote:

Not really so, just pointing out a fact. It's not necessary to have all the latest to create fine images. Also, posts like yours are often people who spent a lot of money on equipment and therefore need to justify it. I've looked back on pictures taken a few years ago with my Canon 10D, 6MP, and frankly there's little difference in the ones today taken with my 18MP Canon SLR. I use M4/3s because of size and convenience to carry with you. If I'm really serious about getting the very best results, I'll use the Canon DSLR.

Assuming the Canon DSLR is APSC like the 10D, then the "latest and greatest" m43 perform better than them in most circumstances (unless you need slightly less DOF or slightly better sports performance), especially with the "latest and greatest" fast m43 lenses.  The GH3 with the f2.8 zooms performs similarly to APSC f4 zooms in terms of DOF and is actually quite impressive for fast moving sports.   Very little compromise for me and VERY much lighter camera bag.

For me it was better to get the latest m43 rather than having multiple older systems with redundant lens coverage by a long shot   Heck, I ditched the latest and greatest full frame system (D800) and find I get more reliable results from the GH3.   It's good enough for me even capturing fast sports like downhill skiing.

Sometimes, I like to take my head outside of my pencil box to see what's out there and come up with a better solution than I currently have.   And that made all the difference...

You realize what you're saying is very subjective, and only your opinion. I seriously doubt the validity of your statements.

Count how many times I used the words "I" and "me" vs. words like "us" and "we" and compare it to your original post.    Of course what I was saying was subjective which is why I chose to specify that they were my experiences and opinions since I'm not trying to tell people what "we have to do".

Also note that I've actually used all of the cameras I mentioned so I can draw my own conclusions based on my own objective evidence.   For example, on the GH3 sports performance, here's a thread I started showing a comparison:

As far as pulling in Full frame, I did that to point out that going with the latest and greatest of a lower tier caused me to re-think having to have equipment a tier or 2 up.   Not dreaming, merely keeping my head out of my pencil box.

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