Gray cards : the 12% - 18% controversy

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Re: Gray cards : the 12% - 18% controversy

xpatUSA wrote:

jande9 wrote:

There is an interesting essay on exposure here.

In it the author argues that setting  the "correct" exposure in the camera, using your choice of metering, is only important if you are shooting jpegs.

Absolutely cool essay. It brings out the basic fact that any exposure that does not utilize the full linear range of well capacity for a given sensor is of a lower quality than otherwise possible.

Fully agree. "Correct" exposure (in the classical sense) is only necessary if the work flow you use demand "correct" exposure, like doing JPEGS that shall have minimum of post processing.

You can do so also if you work with RAW, of course, if that's what you prefer. But, if you have a linear response format with good DR, then it is not important how you expose, as long as you don't clip or get excessive noise.

NOTE - there is one other advantage with "correct" exposure. You then can have a work flow where the images comes out OK without any post processing. Might be important for pro photographers that are depending on making lots of images, where every second counts.

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