traveling with the M9, a summary

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traveling with the M9, a summary

Just back from my first three week trip with the M9 and I thought some here might be interested in my experience.

My photo kit included:

  • Leica M9 body with A&A half case and Street Strap fitted.
  • Nokton 50mm f/1.5 LTM, Color Skopar 35mm f/2.5, and M-Rokkor 90mm f/4 lenses.
  • two batteries and charger
  • 1x 32G card, 5x 16G cards
  • lens cloths, dust blower, short cable release
  • iPad mini (64G with ATT cellular) with Versacover and charger, cable
  • Camera Connection Kit
  • electrical plug adapters
  • Black Label Bag "Oskar's One Day Bag II" to carry it all in

This proved to be a pretty light, comfortable, and complete shooting kit for my purposes, covering all of my intended subject ideas.

Given the nature of my trip, there wasn't time to do as much shooting as I normally would have. I made a little over 800 exposures in the three weeks I was traveling, which left about 30% free on the 32G storage card. I had enough free space on the iPad mini to move all the exposures onto the device as I was traveling. The camera was set to capture both JPEG and raw, and I selectively edited about 40 of the JPEG files with SnapSeed and Photogene on the iPad while traveling (several of these are posted on my flickr stream, see link below).

I had to charge the battery four times in the course of the trip. Probably most of the battery drain was from leaving the camera on with a longish time-out to auto-shut down, and I tend to recharge when the camera's meter says about 20% battery power left. I never ran out of battery power in the middle of shooting.

Upon arriving home, I rolled all the image files (JPEG and raw) into Lightroom 4.4 from the iPad mini, and had LR organize them by date, including the files I'd processed. All the equipment worked flawlessly. About 70% of the photos were made with the 50mm lens, 20% with the 35mm lens, and 10% with the 90mm lens.

Very happy with this kit—it worked very very nicely. 

If I were to do anything differently on the next trip, I might change the 35mm for a 21, 25 or 28mm. The Color Skopar 35 is a peach, however, and performed superbly; such a change would be purely to obtain an even wider FoV for more radical photo ideas.

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