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Re: Did you do any post processing?

Photo Pete wrote:

Your picture looks so much sharper and clear than mine (on a D700).  Did you do any post processing? (I guess I tried PP and it still won't come close).

I also found the VR on mine doesn't seem effective at all compare with my other VR lenses.

There must definitely be something wrong with your lens. Image quality can be affected by so many factors (technique, AF fine tune, VR etc etc) which make a definitive answer of whether the lens is good or not harder to pin down, but the VR on this lens is superb. If your VR is not good then you definitely have a defective lens
Have Fun
Photo Pete

Keep in mind too that the the D7100 has double the megapixels of the D700 and no AA filter.  Despite what some people want to claim  having double the megapixels and to a lesser extent the lack of AA filter does make a noticeable difference in contrast/clarity/sharpness even at web sizes.  Especially if you are doing a side by side comparison.

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