Every APSC mount gets the new Sigma 1.8 zoom except us?

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3 alpha cameras cancelled/withdrawn

Kings1 wrote:

Sk8trguy wrote:

costs vs. benefits

if they thought they would make money they would make it.  as you said, pentax, sony etc are not getting it possibly due to low prediction of sales.  sony appears to be cancelling a lot of future alphas according to sar.

I think you need to go read the SAR site again, Sony may not release the A78 because there just aren't enough improvements. SAR did mention Sony will possibly release a firmware update for the A77, which will add more to that model. I agree with Sony not to produce a new camera model without offering much for improvement in the new model.

What other Alpha camera SLT or NEX models did you see being cancelled?

It's a shame when 3rd party lens company ignores a certain brand, almost to the point of convincing me not to buy Sigma...

i know the excuse was the a78 didn't have enough 'improvements', but then we quickly saw sar report:  'The two FF-SLT that according to our information should have been announced within 2013 have been withdrawn.'  add to this that the a57 was replaced by a lower spec-ed a58 and you start to see what the trend is.  no 'improvements' means no new development.

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